tips to grow your natural hair fast

Tips To Grow Your Natural Hair Fast

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Your hair, just like every other part of your body, is prone to abnormal growth if not properly cared for.

Here are some tips to grow your hair fast.

  1. Trim your hair regularly

2. Don’t heat-stretch

3. Use rice water to rinse weekly

4. Skip Relaxers

5. Add a hair supplement to your daily routine

6. Comb your hair regularly

1.  Trim Your Hair

Trim your hair tip at least once in a year to get rid of uneven or split ends and to encourage the growth of fresh new hair.

2.  Don’t Heat Stretch

Strong heat is not our hair friend.

If you must grow beautiful hair and and quickly too, then avoid using heat stretchers to stretch your hair.

To stretch your hair, go for easy grooming styles i.e Nigerian Twisting that can help stretch the hair and encourage growth.

3.  Use Rice Water

Rice water has been used by many to increase your hair growth significantly.

To use, just measure out your regular rice and soak some in a bowl for some hours.

Stir and then sieve out the water.

Boots the rice water in a tube and then sprinkle all around your parted hair.

You can leave it on for some hours or overnight and then rinse afterwards.

4.  Skip Relaxers( Tips To Grow Your Natural Hair Fast)

Relaxers can help you beautify your natural hair and soften it for easy grooming but that could also mean a risk of permanent damage to your scalp or split ends which could result in your hair not growing normally anymore.

Put off using relaxers if you want to grow a very long and healthy natural hair.

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5.  Add a Hair Supplement To Your Daily Routine

Hair supplements can do wonders for your hair.

Cleveland clinic suggest having safe supplements to your hair routine like the Quai’s pack which contains biotin, silica, Ashwagandha and amino acids.

Add up essential oil for hair growth to your hair routine too.

6.  Comb your hair regularly

Combing your hair regularly often encourage hair growth.

It helps massage the scalp and encourage new hair buds to spring up.

When you leave your hair always uncombed it dense up the scalp, causing overgrowth, hair breakage and dandruff.

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These are amazing Tips To Grow Your Natural Hair Fast.





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