You Will Never Be Depressed Again When You Understand These 5 Things

Defined among other ways as feelings of severe despondency and dejection, depression weighs many minds down, breaks courage and self-assurance and keeps lots of people unhappy. The canker also noxiously hurls insecurity at its victims. Given the foregoing pernicious effects, I have decided to share these 5 things to ensure you never get depressed again.

Causes of Depression

Before we lurch into the linchpin, let’s touch upon the causes of depression.

While puts it that it’s not known exactly what causes depression, the thorn can be traced to factors such as:

  1. Dissatisfaction
  2. Pressure or stress
  3. Loss (the death of a loved one, for example)
  4. Misconception about oneself
  5. Tedium or boredom
  6. Hormonal changes (menstrual cycles, pregnancy, for example) etc.

Symptoms of Depression

The symptoms of depression include the following:

  1. Reduced appetite and weight loss or increased cravings for food and weight gain
  2. Tiredness and lack of energy, so that even little tasks are found tiring
  3. The presence of anxiety, agitation and/or restlessness
  4. Unexplained physical problems, such as back pain or headaches
  5. Trouble thinking, concentrating, making decisions and remembering things
  6. Frequent or recurrent thoughts of death, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts or suicide
  7. Sleep disturbances, including insomnia or sleeping too much
  8. Slowed thinking, speaking or body movements
  9. Feelings of sadness, tearfulness, emptiness or hopelessness
  10. Loss of interest or pleasure in most or all normal activities, such as sex, hobbies or sports
  11. Angry outbursts, irritability or frustration, even over small matters
  12. Feelings of worthlessness or guilt, fixating on past failures or self-blame

5 Things You Must Know To Keep Depression Away

Having established the foregoing, let’s now divulge the five things that would help you maintain depression under your feet, inert.

1. Understand that no one has it all.

People feel depressed because they feel they are the only ones facing end-of-the world challenges. But everyone has challenges. There’s no one who has everything they want. Where wealth is abundant, fear of security creeps in. And where there’s lack of it, there’s insecurity. This is why the poor are easily intimidated. If you are lucky to be blessed with one good thing; you would find that you lack another. Some people are wealthy but you have challenges with health. You may have good health but no money at all. Challenges is part of life. Given life’s complexity, we always experience one challenge or another. Added, we are always wanting of something. Clearly, Abraham Maslow’s Needs theory shows that is a wanting being.

Only those who persevere and are resilient enough, ever go past conquering the everyday challenge. Be up and doing. Success is lots of hard work and challenges in life never ends. Given the foregoing, do not indulge in thinking or worrying because of the things you’ve not yet have.

2. No one is without a flaw

No one is 100% better than the next person and no one’s perfect. No person comes in a complete package. You may lack what another has. You may think you are not pretty but you are intelligent and most of those pretty ones you envy, wouldn’t be as intelligent as you are. Everyone has a flaw. No one is ever perfect. In this way, there is really no need to feel dissatisfied over anyone’s feature or success. Some may be blessed with lots of success but those success do come with lots of challenges an ordinary unsuccessful person cannot handle. Be content and easy on yourself.

3. Success requires a lot of work

Know that, while someone is spending time wallowing in self-pity and anger, someone somewhere is having sleepless night trying new things or trying to meet a target achievement. Understand that those people, who you envy, actually didn’t become successful overnight. They worked tirelessly day and night, taking random risks until they hit a goldmine.

Success comes with lots of sleepless night. Success comes with a focus and determined mind. You need to learn how to be mentally strong. Successful people may try and fail countless times but they never relent. They kept trying and they never allow themselves to be bullied or allow failure anxiety to take over them.

4. Life with a focused goal has no place for depression

Everyone in life should have a focused goal. Map out a life-goal and work tirelessly until it materializes. When you keep your mind focused on your life goals, it would help you keep pushing and you become so busy you won’t even realize how time roll off. Twelve hours become too short and you wish the day gets longer.

At the end of a tired day, you only wish to lay down and rest for another goal-focused day. Subsequently you will never have a place in your life for depression to set-in.

5. Find a lover and keep them

They say “Love conquers everything!” Love is a beautiful thing and keeps you strong. People feel better when they know they mean something to someone. This makes them feel special. In a protective clothing love offers, everyone can soar high enough and conquer even the impossible. Love lends you self-assurance, confidence and warmth, keeping depression at bay.


The five foregoing facts should help you against depression. They’ve helped me a lot. How do you feel now that you’ve known them and do you think you’d get depressed again? If you feel you would, ask yourself the question, “Why do I get depressed?” and surmount that thing. When this is done, you’d come out exuberant.

Yoga could also help ward off depression, as it ensures physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Visiting tourist destinations; in other words, engaging in some recreative activities certainly helps. Dubai is a happening destination and lots of people visit it today. It is in fact the fourth most visited city in the world. If you might want to visit it, is a very good blog to guide you as it shares information about Dubai travel guides, things to do or places (attractions) to visit in Dubai, shopping in Dubai, Dubai tour news etc.

Please, obliterate whatever makes you get depressed, especially because the damages they cause are way more than them. It was mentioned that hormonal changes can cause depression. Where this is the case, or where your depressive experiences persist, please kindly see a medical expert.


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why you will never be a millionaire



Some people can’t help wondering why they simply can’t be as rich as their next door neighbor. They often hope to get the same level of success as those they covet. If you fall into this category, then these may be the reasons why;

  1. You can’t take risk
  2. You are too arrogant
  3. You are very lazy
  4. You don’t believe in entrepreneurship
  5. You chase at it blindly
  6. Indiscipline
  7. You can’t bear the success of others.


Many Millionaires today will tell you that they made their money by a trial and error method. Most millionaires are willing to take the risk to invest their money for a business that others will never even try to think of. You won’t be a millionaire when you have not taken a risk. When you have not tested or sampled with money making ventures. Most unsuccessful people tend to rather enjoy their cash as it comes than lose it on a wide chase of risky trial&failure attempts.


A lot of arrogant people are never be millionaires and if they manage to be, it hardly last long. Some people are very arrogant, they so much hate to take orders from anyone. And if they manage to take an order, they execute it with so much anger and haughtiness. Arrogant people are very choosy with jobs or business, as they will rather not belittle themselves doing a lots of things that would have make them millionaires.



Lazy people can never be millionaires. One needs to be hardworking to make money. Success is a lot of sacrifice. A successful person keeps  lots of rules In their lives. They know when to sleep or wake, when to work very seriously and when to relax a bit. You can’t be a millionaire when you are always tired and unwilling to go extra-miles to fulfill anything.


unsuccessful people do not believe in starting a business of their own. They only work hard to get a high paying job. Forgetting that it becomes so much better when you go fishing rather than being given a fish.


I often notice how money  eludes those who chase at it with a blind race. The harder you worked just to make so much money without caring for anything else, is the harder the money keeps getting out of your reach. Becoming a millionaire requires discipline, patience, kindness, some level of humanity and becoming a “giver”


You can’t be a millionaire when you lack personal discipline. Personal discipline with money means you are conscious of your spending habit. You are able to differentiate your needs from your wants. You are able to stick to a budget. You don’t allow yourself to be dwindled by inferiority complex enough to get you immersed in dept. That you can be happy with what you have already and save the rest for a raining day.



Some people are just like that. They can’t understand your hard work neither are they happy with a success story. Your hard work piss them as your success depress them. These type of people are the “get rich quick” types who never record a success story. They are naturally manipulative, deceptive, lazy and very haughty. Great men or women with a record breaking success, do not get weigh down but challenged with other peoples’ success. They are willing to celebrate and emulate success.  You Will Never Be Depressed Again When You Understand These 5 Things.

Life coaching: 20 most powerful life lessons

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life coaching

Life coaching: 20 most powerful life lessons


Life coaching: 20 most powerful life lessons are those Secret Lessons I have learnt in my three decades alive.

life lessons are very important to everyone of us. It not only coaches but inspires. Follow me on Instagram as i pitch the best of life experiences.

We are all a composition of our experiences.

They are

  1.  It doesn’t really matter, how we grow up, how serious we like to look, how we see ourselves, how others see us. What counts is the luck that nature has folded into us, propelling us towards success.
  2. Starting off well is not a determinant that you would end off well.
  3. There is a power in what we say and sometimes the directions of our thought.
  4. Taking life too serious, stress and break you.
  5. Sometimes we grow up hating or criticizing our parents but for some unexplained phenomenon, we end up becoming just like them.
  6. Our hearts can do so many things; like strongly loving someone who doesn’t even knows we exist.
  7. Avoid doing evil to anyone, not because you are too nice or a weakling, but because it serves as a rite of passage into a less complicated life. Repercussion waits in your path to ruin you as much as the person you have ruined.
  8. If nature is against you, you start hating the most beautiful people God has paced in your life and then you start loving those who can’t wait to see you suffer.
  9. Life coaching: Bad parents can sire a very well-behaved child. Miraculously God sent some children into this world who naturally need less guidance.
  10. For whatever reasons, our paths always seem to cross with the same people whom we try so hard to avoid.
  11. Secrets, lies and deceit ruins any good relationship. You simply can never be careful enough not to get caught.
  12. Your life might keep opening up bad chapters but being strong and resilient soars the good, successful pages unexpectedly up, so never, ever give up on yourself.
  13. Never be a sticker to ‘first impression matters’, because sometimes the people God sent to stay for good in our lives actually turn-up in an awkward first meeting.
  14. At one time in our lives, you will meet someone who would hate you, even when you have given them so much. They would take everything from you if you let them- but they will still hate you. And you can get to see through this type of people when you learn not to judge a book by its cover.
  15. If you keep cheating on a partner, just because you feel you possess the powers to cheat and still get away with doing so, then you are trying to face-off with the Almighty himself; because nothing angers nature more than you destroying a weaker vessel, you have been chosen to protect and build.
  16. There is always someone who completes and understand us, however the type of characteristics we possess.
  17. Life coaching: Learn to take care of yourself. Self-care is a necessity. When you look after yourself, you feel good and cheerful and only then can you be able to take care of someone else. ( You Will Never Be Depressed Again When You Understand These 5 Things)
  18. Stop trying to chase respect haughtily from people. Just learn to embrace inner disciplined, then respect will come to you naturally and stay.
  19. Don’t continue being a ‘yes’ person. Say no when you need to. Bring out the real you even when it is too late-even when people will hate you for it. Time changes us, mold us.
  20. Stay away from matters that do not concern you. You will live longer.

These are the best of life coaching, secrets lessons I have learnt clocking almost three decades. My question is; what are  your own secret lessons at two, three, four, five, six decades alive? Do share as we would be glad to learn from you too by using the comment session below.


life coach


 life coach:



I never really told you how much I loved you but after three children I realized you are and still the most beautiful gift in my life.

I never listened to you when you told me to choose a career that I love, though I judged you by being only a college grad, but now realized that education is not the training to read and write but the training of mind to become extraordinary.

Several years now mama, I realize I just want to write, pour my story on paper while I put money in my pocket and I didn’t have to bath and rush to work everyday to achieve that.

I should have listened to you when you said marriage comes only when you have empowered yourself as a woman.

And  years now I realize that you can only live your dream life when you alone make the money that you spend.

We all need money to survive. Life without money is a risk. A life depending on someone is also a risk.

The pride of a woman comes from being able to cater for herself and her children.

You told me not to choose a husband because of his handsomeness and impeccable diction but to choose a man whose eyes, hand and ears I could reach easily.

A man who will see as the apple of his eyes. A man who will be handy to hold me when I am down.

A man who will sit with me under the evening breeze and listen to my crazy sojourn to adulthood.

You told me money does not buy happiness. It comes only from within. It is a measure of how you see yourself, what you give out to others and what you take back from them.

Though everyone should strive to live in this harsh world in some level of comfort, but you told me never to chase money blindly. you told me that money often eludes those who chase at it with a blind race.

You told me I will never get into dept when i shun inferiority complex.

When I love myself. When I love what I see and not act on it. Through I picked your advice late. I can now walk unto a room full of the most costly classy,  Halloween accessories and still feel like the most sexiest woman in the room.

And now I realize that everything you told me was a voice spoken out of experience.

And (hope now that my daughter will not be like me. They will listen to me and not wait to get first hand experience which has wasted my time and DE-value me

Life coach:You told me to have children only when I am ready.

Only when I have prepared my mind and body for them. Only when I believe I can take care of them even without a helper. Only when I have loved myself enough to love whatever comes out of me. Only when I have the found someone whom I believe can take my place in their lives when I am no more.

You told me that the best way to recognize inferiority complex is when you are not contended with what you have.

When you can’t see the beauty in simplicity. When you force people to respect you. When you don’t express yourself for fear of disrespect. When you don’t greet people because you feel you are better than then.

You told me that a garden look green from the other side, but your’s get greener when you come close, when  you  tend it with the colors that you love. ( You Will Never Be Depressed Again When You Understand These 5 Things)

Life coach is;   Dedicated to all the head-strong daughters, who are mother’s now.

life coach










Life coaching service


Life coaching: 20 most powerful life lessons

creating your walk routine


Creating your daily walk routine_How do I get started?

Talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program. This is especially important if you have not been regularly active or have some chronic illnesses that may limit the amount of time you should exercise. Make sure to talk to your doctor first if you have arthritis, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, and certain pulmonary conditions .

After you’ve been cleared by your doctor, simply put on a pair of well-fitting, supportive, and comfortable shoes and start walking.

  • Try to walk 30 minutes, 5 to 7 days per week. If you feel you don’t have the time or the endurance, break the 30 minutes into three sessions of 10 minutes each. No matter what, take it slow.
  • When you start walking, you might only be able to walk a certain distance. One sign to slow down is when you are unable to talk out loud without needing to catch your breath. Slowly increase your walking time, speed, or frequency.
  • If you are using a pedometer and are new to a walking program, start low and go slow by increasing your number of steps by 1000 per day over the course of 2 weeks to reach your goal of 10,000.

Below is a sample walking plan for beginners:

  1. Initial goal: Walk at a comfortable pace for about 10 minutes, three times a day 5 to 7 days per week (for example, to a neighbor’s house and back).
  2. Step it up: Walk at a comfortable pace for 15 minutes twice a day (for example, walking to the end of the street and back).
  3. Add distance: Walk for 15 minutes twice a day to a distance of a street and a half. (This means you will have to walk a little faster to cover this increase in distance.)
  4. Increase frequency: Walk the new distance three times (three laps) once a day in less than 30 minutes.


 How do I keep myself motivated to walk?

  • Keep track of your progress. Wear an inexpensive pedometer or other device to help keep track of your steps, or a wear a watch to keep track of your time. Set a daily or weekly goal, and try to improve this number.
  • Make it a fun challenge to beat your prior goals, or use these pedometers to start friendly competitions with friends or coworkers. Monthly “step challenges” can really motivate activity in a group.
  • Listen to podcasts or your favorite music.
  • Change your route; change your scenery.
  • Walk up and down hills or other new, more vigorous terrain.

Remember, walking is free. There are no costly fitness center membership fees. Reward yourself with the money saved when you meet your goals.



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How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise(Base on Evidence)

A long hot bath burns as many calories as a 30 minute walk.

walking exercise health benefit:10 things walking can do to your body.

23 ways to stay healthy and prevent rapid aging.


walking exercise health benefit:10 things walking can do to your body.

Wellness Habits:10 things to do now that you are young and healthy.

How to start an effective walking exercise?.












When we say mentally strong people, we mean people who possess confidence and resilience to navigate difficulties and still excel. Mentally strong people do not give in to distress of life, rather they build success from the challenges and difficulties that lined their life journey.

qualities includes:

  1. Embracing failure

Mentally strong people embrace failure, because they know the path to success is usually lined with it. They understand that an outstanding success comes from a great fall. They grapple tirelessly with failures and build them into success.

  1.  Bank on criticism

They do not break or become weak with criticism, rather they develop and become even better with every criticism thrown at them. Criticism helps them build a better version of themselves.

  1.  celebrate success of others

Being around mentally strong people is often rewarding. Because they celebrate the success of people around them. Since themselves are usually successful, they enjoy the success of everyone.

  1. They enjoy self-companionship.

The most loving companionship mentally strong people enjoy is usually with themselves. They possess great self-love and hold themselves accountable for their actions.

  1. Have great focus.

They possess unwavering focus which help them to make good use of the present. They invest their time and energy into the present.

  1. Practice healthy habits.

Mentally strong people take note of what they eat, how they sleep, how they work, dress, think. And they follow a healthy personal care routine.

  1. Flexible to change.

Since they understand that change is constant in life, they are better able to embrace and cope with changes.

  1. They inspire change around them.

Mentally strong people can work, cope, change any type of people around them. Their lifestyle motivates and inspires change. Negativity and toxicity often becomes positivity around them.

If you intend to be mentally strong, then do take notes of the above characteristics. One cannot be mentally strong without possessing them. And since a healthy mental strength is not innate but a continuous practice, one can choose to learn and practice to become mentally strong.

 You Will Never Be Depressed Again When You Understand These 5 Things

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8 qualities of mentally strong people.

See you at the very top!

Life coaching: 20 most powerful life lessons