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Sneaky Reasons For Your Itchy Scalp

Some women battle with a Scalp that itch them non stop.

This condition can be very frustrating  and can lead to low energy and fluctuating self esteem.

But not to worry, KBH got this sneaky reasons for your itch, which you must quickly address in other to cure your itchy scalp.

 1. You’re Not Washing Off Those Chemicals Enough

itchy scalp





Most times we use relaxers to soften our hair and these chemicals are very harsh and needs to be thoroughly washed from our hair.

Failure to do that can cause you a lot of discomfort from itching to infection.

Residue from your shampoo and conditioner can also cause adverse effects to your hair, from dandruff to sore Scalp.

 2. Your Hair Don’t Get Enough Air

itchy scalp







itchy scalp







If you are the type who put on heavy wigs, fix dense attachment, or cover hair in a way that obstruct the free flow of air to your hair, then you should be experiencing itching scalp, reddening and dandruff.

And if you are a muslimah, always ensure you keep low cut hair or easy hairstyles that allows air to freely interact with your hair.

 3. You Don’t Wash Your Brushes and Comb

itchy scalp





In order to avoid itchy scalp, one should endeavour to wash ones hair accessories i.e brushes, comb, rollers, parkers, pins on a regular basis as the stick up dirts from previous use can cause your scalp significant irritation.

 4. Dirt And Sweat

itchy scalp






Accumulation of dirt and excessive sweating on your hair especially when you don’t wash often enough can cause build up of germs in in the root of hair which can prompt itching and dandruff.

Some women go on for months without washing their hair.

Me, and a very few others, believe that an ugly looking but clean hair is far more desirable than a smelly, but pretty-looking style that has been stuck to your hair for weeks or even months without a wash.

Personally, I may not keep a pretty hairstyle but my hair is definitely as clean as my skin.

So endeavour to always keep your hair clean and keep hairstyles that can accommodate water on it if you need to put some ASAP.

I would love to hear from you in the interactive section below.

Tell me, have you suffered itchy scalp? and what did you do to relieve your symptoms or get rid of it permanently?

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