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“Tell them! We write, not because we struggle to entertain but because they prance in our hearts, begging us to bleed them into papers”


Hi! Dear readers, welcome to the blog KBHwriting.









A personal care, wellness, relationship blog.

I am Kuburat Tokurah Aperua, A microbiologist by education and a writer by profession. I started this blog as a creative outlet to share, learn, educate and interact with an open-minded loving community. My love for writing sprang into life when I had my first son. His birth was generally easy-going, but writing was not exactly an easy task, so most of my writing inspiration were left unwritten until I again birth my twin daughters. The whole long journey with them was intense and overwhelming.  In my hurt and in my failing health, I found deep solace in curating with words as much as I love to read nonstop. And Alas! I was stricken with an indelible writing vibes that came in unwavering.

I decided to blog as a way to practice writing every day, to finally accept writing as a career and to share the knowledge gained from my deep interest in burrowing my head in books every day.

I realize that sometimes we find our inner selves when we enter into a different stage in our lives, prompting us to build our better, more goal-focused self.

Writing is beautiful, fulfilling and entertaining. Do stick around and take the ride with us as we drive you through a world of self-care, wellness, relationships, parenting, lifestyle and general life tips to help you be the best successful version of yourself. Becoming our best successful selves is usually hard-work. It’s like a journey; yet, a very fulfilling one. Ride along as we explore this beautiful but intense journey through a healthy and well-structured lifestyle practice.


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Sharing is Caring Loves!

Hello, thanks for stopping by! I'm kuburat, a creative entrepreneur and mom of twin toddlers. KBH writing is a Nigerian lifestyle and Mommy blog aiming to help busy mom's stay top of a successful lifestyle while parenting their little ones. I believe we become the best version of ourselves, when we learn to and actually strive to become better. Juggling a career while doing mommy things is no walk in the park! I am with all pleasure- here to share helpful lifestyle tips for every busy mom looking to better her lifestyle, sanity and Mommy journey one bit at a time.Stay with me and let's improve upon our lifestyle together!


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