• how to lose weight fast without exercise

    How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise(Base on Evidence)

    Everyone loves to have a toned and trimmed body. But not everyone is full of energy or motivated enough to stick to an exercise routine. Though exercise is the best way to keep those extra pounds away, you can still practice lots of healthy habits to get great results. If you are those few who usually ask “how to lose weight fast without exercise” Here are 13 ways to lose weight fast without exercise. Don’t skip meals Drink more water Eat vegetables and fruits Snack on almonds  Avoid stress Practice yoga Drink green tea Eat more protein Do chores Dance everyday Drink coffee Snack on an apple everyday Chew your…

  • tummy tuck cost


    WHAT DO I REALLY THINK ABOUT GETTING A TUMMY TUCK DONE? A few years ago, I would have asked “exactly why do people do cosmetic surgery? Why do some women tuck in their tummy? Why do healthy people not choose to burn away their excess fat rather than having to lay on a hospital bed and have their skin painfully shredded in different pieces?” I stop asking and understood quickly when a cousin of mine lost roughly 40kg due to jaw pain. I remembered preferring my very fat cousin to the new one who look slim but not trim. Her excess skin was all over the place. It was like…

  • facts about cosmetic surgery

    “10 Truth About Cosmetic Surgeries” According To WebMD

    If you are desperately in need of a cosmetic surgery to boost your body looks or confidence, then here are 10 Truth About Cosmetic Surgeries (According To WebMD)   41 is the average age of people who do cosmetic surgery The average age of someone who has cosmetic surgery is 41. Younger people tend to have nose reshaping, known as rhinoplasty, breast enhancement, and liposuction. Older people have more facelifts, breast lifts, and eyelid surgery.   Popular cosmetic surgery for women is breast enhancement Breast enhancement is the most common cosmetic surgery among women. Other popular cosmetic surgeries in women include liposuction, breast reduction, tummy tuck, and cosmetic eyelid surgery.…

  • walking exercise health benefit

    walking exercise health benefit:10 things walking can do to your body.

    10 things walking everyday can do to your body There are too many benefit walking 30 minutes every day can do for our body. It is one of the most cheapest and hassle free exercise in the world. It is also very easy, I mean we all walk, and we need to walk every day. But you should know that a general movement is different from a purposeful walking done for exercise purpose. I mean you need to get out of you house and walk without stopping for at least 30minutes. Only then can you get the benefit of a walk exercise. It is also necessary that you create your daily…

  • hot bath

    A long hot bath burns as many calories as a 30 minute walk.

    A long hot bath burns as many calories as a 30 minute walk. This is really a surprising revelation. Science is really wonderful and soooo helpful. Guess what! I do not like working out very much. So i often research a lot of easier ways to burn fat and voilaaa!  I came across this research. It has helped me a lot and I believe you would love it too. I mean there are a lot of people who are just like me on this. According to researchers from the National Center of Sports and Exercise Medicine of the University of Loughborough in the United Kingdom have found that Men who…

  • against birth control

    23 ways to stay healthy and prevent rapid aging.

    Do you wish to live longer and healthier? then here are 23 ways to stay healthy and prevent aging. DRINK GREEN TEA VALUE YOUR COFFEE TAKE A COLD BATH       4. Brush your teeth/floss twice everyday       5. GET GOOD SLEEP       6. Drink at least 4 liters of water every day.        7. Write out a daily to do list        8. Keep a daily budget        9. Read and write everyday        10. SNACK ON AN APPLE EVERYDAY.         11. Concentrate and eat your food one bit at a time  …

  • creating your walk routine


    Creating your daily walk routine_How do I get started? Talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program. This is especially important if you have not been regularly active or have some chronic illnesses that may limit the amount of time you should exercise. Make sure to talk to your doctor first if you have arthritis, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, and certain pulmonary conditions . After you’ve been cleared by your doctor, simply put on a pair of well-fitting, supportive, and comfortable shoes and start walking. Try to walk 30 minutes, 5 to 7 days per week. If you feel you don’t have the time or the endurance, break…


    How to start an effective walking exercise?.

    How to start an effective walking exercise?.   Yes! Just walking everyday can actually help you lose weight and tone your body. Walking is natural and the easiest form of exercise. You really do not need any equipment or special training How to start an effective walking exercise is actually just a few steps ahead. all you need is; A good pair of comfortable sport shoes. Comfortable clothing.                  A good meal plan. Fitness band. Discipline and consistency How long to walk every day to notice a significant weight loss? We have been generally advised to aim for a brisk walk of about 30…


    Wellness Habits:10 things to do now that you are young and healthy.

    Wellness Habits:10 things to do now that you are young and healthy. Eat healthy. develop an exercise routine. Choose a career. Pick an enjoyable hobby. Keep a diary. Get closer to your family. Stick to a partner. Plan number of kids. Start saving for retirement. Travel the world. EAT HEALTHY               Striving to eat healthy is a must for everyone. Don’t just fill your tummy with food but ensure you are eating what’s right for your body. So know what you eat, how you eat and when you eat. Schedule your meals between eating proteins, fruits and healthy fat. Stay away from canned food…