women's sexual health

Women’s Sexual Health Tips

These tips serve as a basic reminder for some useful tips, you may know but unwittingly skip off sometimes.

Women’s sexual health needs to be discussed more often. It will boost our longevity and maternal success.

So many women are still shy about delving deep into their Sexual health but it is also part of a basic knowledge of womanhood.

If you are wondering what tips are the most basic and necessary to boost women’s sexual health, then this 10 tips is a pack of it all.


1. Always wash your vagina after sex to avoid smell and infection.
2. Drink at least 4L of water everyday so as to wash bacteria and infections out of your body.
3. Always massage your breast before bedtime or let your man suck it so hard to avoid cancer.
4. Don’t wash your vagina with any kind of soap. Clean water alone is enough.
5. If you’re the type that likes giving her man #BlowJob, try as much as you can to brush your teeth/mouth morning and night, then take a cup of lemon warm water every morning to avoid mouth odour/mouth infection.
6. Always shave your armpits and pubic hairs. They are ugly!
7. As a lady, take lots of yogurts and pineapple because, it helps in making vagina healthy and sweet during sex.
8. Use good pads during your periods and change it when it full. You can easily breed bacterias if you don’t!
9. Take your bath at least two times everyday especially when you’re menstruating.
10. Change your sets of panties and bras always at least once every three months to prevent infection and odour.

For more information about sexual health, pls read this wonderful article from WebMD here


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How To Make a Nigerian eggless Bama Mayonnaise.

How to Make a Tasty, Nigerian Eggless Mayonnaise.

 As I stated in my last post on how to make a nigerian bama mayonnaise, mayonnaise is a necessary ingredient for sandwiches, salads, sauces and creams.
But of recently, many people ditch the processed mayonnaise for homemade ones because of bad ingredients, excessive additives and harsh preservatives which makes the cream a less than healthy choice.

How to Make a Tasty, Nigerian Eggless Mayonnaise





Mayonnaise can be made with lots of different homemade ingredients based on one’s taste.
I made this post because of some of my readers who have embraced vegan diet or who do not want eggs as an ingredient in their mayonnaise because of its smell.
However, some other people still prefer their mayonnaise with eggs. Keeping them as their number 1 ingredient.
In my own opinion, I prefer to make my mayonnaise without eggs for fear of infection from badly preserved eggs.
I particularly love this post on how to make eggless mayonnaise by skinnyms. It is straight to the point and easy to quickly put together.

Ingredients to make eggless mayonnaise.

1 tablespoon sugar
1/4 cup of milk
1 tablespoon of mustard powder
1/2 tablespoon of vinegar
1/4 tablespoon of salt
Pinch of paprika
Vegetable oil.

Instructions on how to make an eggless mayonnaise

  • Put all ingredients in a bowl or immersion blender ( sugar, milk, mustard, powder, vinegar, paprika, salt)
  • Blend until ingredients becomes lightly creamy.
  • Add your vegetable oil little by little while blending until ingredients becomes creamy, thick and has the consistency of a regular mayonnaise.
  • Put in an airtight jar and refrigerate to preserve.
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comfortable heels

5 Comfortable Heels For Beginners

Here are my picks of gorgeous heels to wear, if you are just starting out on wearing heels.(5 comfortable heels for beginners)

Wearing heels can be a lot of pain for some women. In truth, heels are a little uncomfortable to wear even with experts. And also these so-called experts did not just get around with being great with heels, they practiced and discovered tips and tricks that helps them get comfortable in them.

But for beginners, and all those who intend to start out on wearing heels, you can pick some basic heel types to practice before hitting on the regular stilettos.

Here are 5 comfortable heels for beginners that are easy to use and gorgeous.

They are not just easy to wear but can make you drop-dead gorgeous if properly styled.

1.  Wedge heels

5 comfortable heels for beginners

Wedges are great picks for women who are just starting out on wearing heels or who do not really like to wear the regular heels but wish to have an elevated look.

Unlike other heels, wedges are elevated with their weight equally distributed throughout the shoes, making them comfortable to work in.

Fashion tip

Wedges can be worn with any kind of dress.

2.   Platform heels

5 comfortable heels for beginners

Platform heels can in some case be mistaken for wedges because they somehow share a chunky look. But platforms are different because they have a chunky front and a very thick heels while wedges have no heel demarcation at all.

They are well balanced and very comfortable to walk. I particularly do not feel  comfortable with regular heels but i find platforms really comfortable.

Fashion tip 

Platform heels are perfect with well fitted dresses or bodycons.

3    Espadrille heels

5 comfortable heels for beginners

Espadrille shoe types have been in vogue for a very long time and they intent to stay that way.

The shoe has a thick elevated base usually made of fibers and an upper part made of either leather or cloth. They look almost like wedges and can easily be classified as one. 

Fashion tip

Espadrilles shoes match lots of modern dresses and can be worn on official or unofficial outing.

4    Fantasy heels

5 comfortable heels for beginners

This type of heels can be used on days you wish to go really wild and outlandish with your style.

The shoe became a trend with celebrities like lady gaga who seem not to get enough of it.

Fashion tip 

The shoe can be won with shorts, jeans, body-cons or flexible gowns.

5     Comma heels

5 comfortable heels for beginners

The Comma heels have also been a long time trend that still remain in Vogue. 

They are usually a first pick for some celebrities or regular women who wish to be on heels but on shorter ones.

The shoes is not as stylish as regular heels but some women have them as their go-to for parties or slaying on the red carpet.

Fashion tip

I hope these tips are useful to you in your heels training journey? 

 If you love them; pls. do not forget to share.

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Acne-Free Challenge: 3 Steps To Get a Clear, Glass-Face in 7 Days.

Acne-Free Challenge: 3 Steps To Get a Clear, Glass-Face in 7 Days.

Acne-Free Challenge: 3 Steps To Get a Clear, Glass-Face in 7 Days.

When i was much younger, i used to marvel at the smoothness i see on the faces of some women and sometimes, men. I would spend huge amount of money on different beauty products, just to get that coveted glass-skin.

Most times the products fail me. While other times, i get results; but they were often times “short-lived.” The results lasted as long as i kept using the products.

I kept to my own side, by splashing on the product daily, until my face began to give me glaring signs of wariness and misuse. So i will grant it some space and when i feel my sucked up skin is again willing to take my horrific routine, i start again.

When i finally got exhausted with the rinse-repeat process with lots of Bars and Creams, i began to seek deeper into alternative methods and products to heal my skin and give me that clear-glass look.

With time…i read, practiced and experimented until i finally got the routine and products our skin love;

without breaking the budget or fear of irritation.

Part of my inspiration, was from naturallivingideas on home remedies for black head.


You could use the steps below for acne-free challenge to get a smooth face in 7 days.

Acne-Free Challenge: 3 Steps To Get a Clear, Glass-Face in 7 Days.

  1. Exfoliation
  2.  Face mask
  3. Moisturization

You may want to know; how best to exfoliate daily for a deep cleansing? read it here

      1.  Exfoliation

Exfoliation is necessary to remove the top dead cells of the skin to reveal a smooth, bright skin tone.

Ingredients to use.

  • Brown sugar
  • Spa Salt
  • Coconut Oil
  • Honey

How to use:

  • Mix brown sugar, salt, coconut oil together to get a grainy paste.
  • Rub all around your face in a circular motion.
  • Leave for 5 minutes.
  • Take handful of oat and rub around too and leave again for 5 minutes.
  • Rinse face and moisturize.

         2.  Face mask.

How to make a great facemask


  • potatoes
  • Egg white
  • Honey
  • Coconut Oil.

How to use

  • Grate potatoes into a plate and add egg-white.
  • Mix honey and coconut oil into it and stir into a paste
  • Apply mixture to face and wait for 30 minutes
  • Rinse and moisturize.

           3.      Moisturization(Acne-Free Challenge: 3 Steps To Get a Clear, Glass-Face in 7 Days)

 To moisturize your face properly, you need to;

  1. Get a day and night face moisturizer and use as the name suggest.
  2. Wear a sunscreen everyday if you will be directly under the sun.

How best to moisturize

  • Moisturize after exfoliation
  • Moisturize after using face-masks
  • Moisturize before bed.

Practicing these steps will get you a glass smooth face in 7 days.

Benefits of each organic products for a glass-smooth face.

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Potatoes are great lightening agent as they help treat skin blemishes, age old spots, pigmentation. They also tightens skin and prevent premature aging.


Clear skin diet








Coconut Oil is one of the most beneficial natural moisturizer and cleanser. It contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that provides a soothing and smoothing effect for the skin.








Spa Salt especially those that contain magnesium sulfate helps reduce inflammation, renew dead skin, fade spots and rejuvenate dull skin. Spa Salt also protect skin from free radical damage and slow down aging.








Brow sugar is rich in antioxidants, exfoliate skin beautifully and protect skin from harmful free radical.








Eggwhite has an amazing skin tightening properties. It can boost the skin health of both oily and dry skin. Egg white is great for face lift and can also help to reduce eye bags.








Honey is beneficial to treat skin acne, inflammation, sunburn and other skin diseases. Honey can provide immense brightening properties when combine with other skin brightening organic products.

Acne-Free Challenge: 3 Steps To Get a Clear, Glass-Face in 7 Days.



(Anti-ageing skincare)-Perfect ingredients to exfoliate your delicate skin.




Face Beauty: tips you should practice today for a beautiful face




(Anti-ageing skincare)-Perfect ingredients to exfoliate your delicate skin.

CLEAR SKIN DIET: 11 foods for a flawless skin



 You Will Never Be Depressed Again When You Understand These 5 Things

Defined among other ways as feelings of severe despondency and dejection, depression weighs many minds down, breaks courage and self-assurance and keeps lots of people unhappy. The canker also noxiously hurls insecurity at its victims. Given the foregoing pernicious effects, I have decided to share these 5 things to ensure you never get depressed again.

Causes of Depression

Before we lurch into the linchpin, let’s touch upon the causes of depression.

While MayoClinic.org puts it that it’s not known exactly what causes depression, the thorn can be traced to factors such as:

  1. Dissatisfaction
  2. Pressure or stress
  3. Loss (the death of a loved one, for example)
  4. Misconception about oneself
  5. Tedium or boredom
  6. Hormonal changes (menstrual cycles, pregnancy, for example) etc.

Symptoms of Depression

The symptoms of depression include the following:

  1. Reduced appetite and weight loss or increased cravings for food and weight gain
  2. Tiredness and lack of energy, so that even little tasks are found tiring
  3. The presence of anxiety, agitation and/or restlessness
  4. Unexplained physical problems, such as back pain or headaches
  5. Trouble thinking, concentrating, making decisions and remembering things
  6. Frequent or recurrent thoughts of death, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts or suicide
  7. Sleep disturbances, including insomnia or sleeping too much
  8. Slowed thinking, speaking or body movements
  9. Feelings of sadness, tearfulness, emptiness or hopelessness
  10. Loss of interest or pleasure in most or all normal activities, such as sex, hobbies or sports
  11. Angry outbursts, irritability or frustration, even over small matters
  12. Feelings of worthlessness or guilt, fixating on past failures or self-blame

5 Things You Must Know To Keep Depression Away

Having established the foregoing, let’s now divulge the five things that would help you maintain depression under your feet, inert.

1. Understand that no one has it all.

People feel depressed because they feel they are the only ones facing end-of-the world challenges. But everyone has challenges. There’s no one who has everything they want. Where wealth is abundant, fear of security creeps in. And where there’s lack of it, there’s insecurity. This is why the poor are easily intimidated. If you are lucky to be blessed with one good thing; you would find that you lack another. Some people are wealthy but you have challenges with health. You may have good health but no money at all. Challenges is part of life. Given life’s complexity, we always experience one challenge or another. Added, we are always wanting of something. Clearly, Abraham Maslow’s Needs theory shows that is a wanting being.

Only those who persevere and are resilient enough, ever go past conquering the everyday challenge. Be up and doing. Success is lots of hard work and challenges in life never ends. Given the foregoing, do not indulge in thinking or worrying because of the things you’ve not yet have.

2. No one is without a flaw

No one is 100% better than the next person and no one’s perfect. No person comes in a complete package. You may lack what another has. You may think you are not pretty but you are intelligent and most of those pretty ones you envy, wouldn’t be as intelligent as you are. Everyone has a flaw. No one is ever perfect. In this way, there is really no need to feel dissatisfied over anyone’s feature or success. Some may be blessed with lots of success but those success do come with lots of challenges an ordinary unsuccessful person cannot handle. Be content and easy on yourself.

3. Success requires a lot of work

Know that, while someone is spending time wallowing in self-pity and anger, someone somewhere is having sleepless night trying new things or trying to meet a target achievement. Understand that those people, who you envy, actually didn’t become successful overnight. They worked tirelessly day and night, taking random risks until they hit a goldmine.

Success comes with lots of sleepless night. Success comes with a focus and determined mind. You need to learn how to be mentally strong. Successful people may try and fail countless times but they never relent. They kept trying and they never allow themselves to be bullied or allow failure anxiety to take over them.

4. Life with a focused goal has no place for depression

Everyone in life should have a focused goal. Map out a life-goal and work tirelessly until it materializes. When you keep your mind focused on your life goals, it would help you keep pushing and you become so busy you won’t even realize how time roll off. Twelve hours become too short and you wish the day gets longer.

At the end of a tired day, you only wish to lay down and rest for another goal-focused day. Subsequently you will never have a place in your life for depression to set-in.

5. Find a lover and keep them

They say “Love conquers everything!” Love is a beautiful thing and keeps you strong. People feel better when they know they mean something to someone. This makes them feel special. In a protective clothing love offers, everyone can soar high enough and conquer even the impossible. Love lends you self-assurance, confidence and warmth, keeping depression at bay.


The five foregoing facts should help you against depression. They’ve helped me a lot. How do you feel now that you’ve known them and do you think you’d get depressed again? If you feel you would, ask yourself the question, “Why do I get depressed?” and surmount that thing. When this is done, you’d come out exuberant.

Yoga could also help ward off depression, as it ensures physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Visiting tourist destinations; in other words, engaging in some recreative activities certainly helps. Dubai is a happening destination and lots of people visit it today. It is in fact the fourth most visited city in the world. If you might want to visit it, DubaiTourPro.com is a very good blog to guide you as it shares information about Dubai travel guides, things to do or places (attractions) to visit in Dubai, shopping in Dubai, Dubai tour news etc.

Please, obliterate whatever makes you get depressed, especially because the damages they cause are way more than them. It was mentioned that hormonal changes can cause depression. Where this is the case, or where your depressive experiences persist, please kindly see a medical expert.


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How To Make a Nigerian eggless Bama Mayonnaise.

How To Make a Nigerian Bama Mayonnaise.

How to make a Nigerian Bama Mayonnaise.
I was motivated to write this post when I bought a fake Bama from a Popular Supermarket in Portharcourt last week.
The unfortunate incident led me to seek diy methods of making a nice Bama Mayonnaise, that i will be comfortable eating without fear of eating fake or expired Mayonnaise.
Bama Mayonnaise is an essential ingredient in so many foods around the world.
For example, we need Bama Mayonnaise to make the following meals;
Cheeseburgers, bread bun, Russian salad, potato salad, salad cream, pizza dough, sandwich, barbecue beef, French fries, egg salad, salad starters, appetizers, Italian salad etc.

you can also use this post to make an eggless mayonnaise if you prefer one.

Below are ingredients to make a tasty diy Nigerian Mayonnaise.


1 1 lemon
2 7 tablespoons of sugar
3 1 tablespoon of salt
4 3 eggs

5  60ml vegetable oil.

Procedure to make a Nigerian Bama Mayonnaise

  • Break 3 raw eggs in a blender or mixer, remove the yoke if you want. I generally prefer to remove the yoke.
  • Cut your lemon juice and make sure to remove seeds and other particles and then add to the eggs.
  • Add your measured sugar and salt.
  • Blend or whisk all ingredients together.
  • Add your vegetable oil little by little while blending or mixing till mixture becomes pasty, creamy and thick.
  • Put in an airtight jar and refrigerate to preserve.
    Your Nigerian Bama Mayonnaise is all set and ready to be eaten.
    If you follow the above ingredients and procedures, you should have a tasty Bama Mayonnaise made within minutes.

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 Weight loss drinks

 Weight loss drinks that helped me lose 30kg in 3 months.

 Weight loss drinks that helped me lose 30kg in 3 months.

Weight gain is of the greatest health challenge most of us are facing in today’s modern world.

With lots of factors contributing immensely to our weight fluctuations.

Some of the reasons for weight gain includes:

  1. Eating uncontrollable portion of food
  2. Type of food
  3. Too much carbs.
  4. Junk food
  5. Lack of exercise (sedentary lifestyle)
  6. Stress
  7. Hormonal imbalance

These are some of the reasons for weight gain. But irrespective of how weighty you are, you can still control your weight and lose some if you want.

In 2013, after I birth my first child, I gained so much weight and i did not like exercise. And I couldn’t diet too because I had gastritis. And I wasn’t one of those who can boost of great health, so I took these best tips to lose 30kg in 3 months without diet or exercise.

What are these amazing tips?

”Teas”….Yes! “Teas”

I used teas to reduce my weight to an enviable size.

Teas are powerful to lose weight.

 “what type of teas did I drink to lose weight? ”

I drank black and green tea in a row to lose 30kg.

HOW DID I DRINK THESE Weight loss drinks?

I drank black tea in the morning (Top Tea)

And green tea before bed (matcha)

How to brew teas to suit your body system?

So many people complain of the effect they get from teas. Like being unable to sleep after taking tea or become high or light headed. But the secret to enjoying teas according to your body system, is the brewing strength.

One should endeavor to control brewing strength of their tea to maximize the benefit of tea with little or no side effects.

How to control brewing strength of tea.

  1. Don’t boil your water to boiling point (600C is enough).
  2. Pour over tea bag and make sure you leave for few seconds before withdrawing.

Tea is ready to serve.

I alternated between these two tea twice every day for three months and lost 30kg.

I also got seven other amazing benefit from alternating between these Weight loss drinks.

  • I got more strength for work
  • I wasn’t fatigued anymore
  • I stopped craving sugar
  • My eyesight became more sharp
  • My body was able to withstand exercises
  • I felt less drowsy
  • My metabolism was in their best optimal state.
  • I have spent lots of years fighting with my weight. I can comfortably teach you one or two things, you do not know about losing weight- if you are currently struggling with your weight.

If you are ready for a body transforming inspirations, then;

Our updates are Inspiring, Motivating and Educative(join 300 others)

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How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise(Based on Evidence)

A long hot bath burns as many calories as a 30 minute walk.

walking exercise health benefit:10 things walking can do to your body.


How to start an effective walking exercise?.

“10 Truth About Cosmetic Surgeries” According To WebMD






5 Daily Life Hacks For The Most Busiest, Late-Rising Moms.

5 Daily Life Hacks For The Most Busiest, Late-Rising Moms.

Real time balancing of work and home for some busy mom can be quite soul draining. It becomes even more harder when you are unable to drag your body off bed at an earlier hours of the day. A working mom has to cook, clean, do laundry, bath kids and get them to school everyday before heading to her place of work. Keeping these type of stressful routines everyday can actually be soul draining. But not to worry, KBH writing has got amazing hacks to get you going without getting burnt-out from stress.

5 Daily Life Hacks For The Most Busiest, Late-Rising Moms.

Here are Real-Time Daily Life Hacks For The Most Busiest, Late-Rising Moms.

  1. Keep a meal timetable

  2. Iron and fold your whole week work dress

  3. Cook meals that are easily microwavable

  4. Do your dishes before going to bed.

  5. Organize your child’s school uniform and lunch bag before bed.

1. Keep a meal timetable

A weekly meal timetable can make your momprenuer life less cumbersome. Map out one every weekends and ensure you include all the classes of food on the menu.

Create dishes that contain carbohydrate, protein, vegetables, fats, water, fiber, vitamins and spread them or rotate them all through the week.

Keep focus on rich but quick fix meals. Add up lots of vegetables that won’t need too much time to be prepared.

2. Iron and fold a whole-week work-dress.

Organize a whole week work dress. Start by putting together head-to-toe pieces you will need from Monday to Friday. i.e. put together matching shirt, skirt, accessories, bags and shoes.

Line them up separately into five categories (Monday to Friday).

These will ensure you spend less time every day with your clothing choice or makeup. If you don’t, you end up spending much indecisive moments dressing up. Naturally as women, we take lots of time dressing up every day.

3. Plan out morning meal before going to be.

The best way to do these is to cook the breakfast and put in the refrigerator or parboil any ingredients that needs extra cooking or slice and put aside any vegetable that will most likely take much of your time in the morning. This is one of the tips that has was made most of my morning less frustrating and stressful.

If I am making veggy meals, I make sure all vegetables are sliced and well-preserved and if I am making any sauce or stew with rice, I ensure they are both ready so I will just  boil my rice and microwave the stew the following morning.

4. Do your dishes before going to bed.

If you are not an early-riser, these tips will really save you from being late for work. Although you might be very tired after the day hard work, but what I normally do is to sleep for some hours and wake up before midnight and do the dishes. The few hours of sleep will ensure you are a little rested and ready to do some other works.

So take the time to do the dishes, slice your vegetables, cook your stew or lay out your children lunch bag.

5. (5 Daily Life Hacks For The Most Busiest, Late-Rising Moms) Organize your kids lunch bag and school bag before night fall.

Clean up the lunch bag, put water into each water bottle or buy bottled water if you have more than one kids. Put clean spoons together with the water bottles and put aside.

Make sure to wash their lunch box or flash when doing your late night dishes. These will ensure that after waking up late, you can easily access everything in one place.

I am a late riser but these tips and hacks allows me to enjoy all the benefits early risers enjoy every day.

Subsequently, I became even more quicker than my neighbor who wakes up as early as 4:00am. The above are sure tips for any mompreneur who is really feeling down with her work-family life.

Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog. To get very useful and rare hacks that will save you lots of stress.

If you did enjoyed the “5 Daily Life Hacks For The Most Busiest, Late-Rising Moms” then do not hesitate to like and share. So many busy moms will really need it.

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why you will never be a millionaire



Some people can’t help wondering why they simply can’t be as rich as their next door neighbor. They often hope to get the same level of success as those they covet. If you fall into this category, then these may be the reasons why;

  1. You can’t take risk
  2. You are too arrogant
  3. You are very lazy
  4. You don’t believe in entrepreneurship
  5. You chase at it blindly
  6. Indiscipline
  7. You can’t bear the success of others.


Many Millionaires today will tell you that they made their money by a trial and error method. Most millionaires are willing to take the risk to invest their money for a business that others will never even try to think of. You won’t be a millionaire when you have not taken a risk. When you have not tested or sampled with money making ventures. Most unsuccessful people tend to rather enjoy their cash as it comes than lose it on a wide chase of risky trial&failure attempts.


A lot of arrogant people are never be millionaires and if they manage to be, it hardly last long. Some people are very arrogant, they so much hate to take orders from anyone. And if they manage to take an order, they execute it with so much anger and haughtiness. Arrogant people are very choosy with jobs or business, as they will rather not belittle themselves doing a lots of things that would have make them millionaires.



Lazy people can never be millionaires. One needs to be hardworking to make money. Success is a lot of sacrifice. A successful person keeps  lots of rules In their lives. They know when to sleep or wake, when to work very seriously and when to relax a bit. You can’t be a millionaire when you are always tired and unwilling to go extra-miles to fulfill anything.


unsuccessful people do not believe in starting a business of their own. They only work hard to get a high paying job. Forgetting that it becomes so much better when you go fishing rather than being given a fish.


I often notice how money  eludes those who chase at it with a blind race. The harder you worked just to make so much money without caring for anything else, is the harder the money keeps getting out of your reach. Becoming a millionaire requires discipline, patience, kindness, some level of humanity and becoming a “giver”


You can’t be a millionaire when you lack personal discipline. Personal discipline with money means you are conscious of your spending habit. You are able to differentiate your needs from your wants. You are able to stick to a budget. You don’t allow yourself to be dwindled by inferiority complex enough to get you immersed in dept. That you can be happy with what you have already and save the rest for a raining day.



Some people are just like that. They can’t understand your hard work neither are they happy with a success story. Your hard work piss them as your success depress them. These type of people are the “get rich quick” types who never record a success story. They are naturally manipulative, deceptive, lazy and very haughty. Great men or women with a record breaking success, do not get weigh down but challenged with other peoples’ success. They are willing to celebrate and emulate success.  You Will Never Be Depressed Again When You Understand These 5 Things.

Life coaching: 20 most powerful life lessons

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how to lose weight fast without exercise

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise(Based on Evidence)

Everyone loves to have a toned and trimmed body. But not everyone is full of energy or motivated enough to stick to an exercise routine. Though exercise is the best way to keep those extra pounds away, you can still practice lots of healthy habits to get great results. If you are those few who usually ask “how to lose weight fast without exercise

Here are 13 ways to lose weight fast without exercise.

  • Don’t skip meals
  • Drink more water
  • Eat vegetables and fruits
  • Snack on almonds
  •  Avoid stress
  • Practice yoga
  • Drink green tea
  • Eat more protein
  • Do chores
  • Dance everyday
  • Drink coffee
  • Snack on an apple everyday
  • Chew your food more carefully

how to lose weight fast without exercise








Not skipping meals helps to boost your metabolism. Weight loss experts generally advice that we eat something every three to four hours to keep our body metabolism very active .

Research shows that people who miss a morning meal experience a surge in a hunger-related hormones later in the day which leads them  to want to eat more.

Creating a snacks routine which includes fiber-filled, carbohydrate and protein food will keep you feeling full and help you burn calories at a steady rate.


how to lose weight fast without exercise








Experts advice that an adult should aim at drinking at least eight cups of water everyday. Dehydration causes your body to retain the few that you put into it which leads to weight gain and your mid-section.

Also drinking water on an empty stomach cleans our colon and help ease digestion, burn fats and help our body absorb nutrients more easily.


how to lose weight fast without exercise






Vegetables and fruits are high water foods which fill up faster. And the fiber in them helps sustain you throughout the day and curbs unnecessary hunger. It is usually best to start your day with a fiber and water rich diet to keep your metabolism active through out the day.


how to lose weight fast without exercise







Research has linked snacking on nuts with having a lower waist circumference. Nuts are rich in mono saturated fats making them a perfect pick for healthy fat that can be helpful with weight loss. It is also advisable that one stick to the unsalted version to get the maximum benefit of the fruit.

     5. AVOID STRESS (how to lose weight fast without exercise)

how to lose weight fast without exercise







According to Dr. Reichman, with good housekeeping “when stressed your body increases its production of steroid and stress hormones which negatively affect you digestive system causing major constipation.” This of course leaves you looking bloated.

Stress also causes your body to produce cortisol “fight or flight” hormone that sheds excess fat directly to your midsection in an attempt to protect your vital organs.

It is advisable to not overwork the body and find time everyday to relax and DE-stress after a very hard day.

     6. YOGA

how to lose weight fast without exercise







Yoga has plenty of belly-flattening benefits. A continuous yoga practice will eventually tighten and tone up your abs even without hardcore exercises.


how to lose weight fast without exercise






Green Tea is said to be one of the most healthiest Teas on this planet while it is not so surprising, because it is loaded with powerful antioxidants and nutrients that has an overall benefit for the whole body.

Studies shows that green tea can reduce inflammation and fight cancer, as it is rich in polyphenols and large amount of a catechin called EGCG. Catechins are natural antioxidants that help prevent cell damage and provide other health benefits.

Green tea can also improve brain functions, increase fast burning, lower cancer risk, protect you against brain- aging diseases, diabetes, and help you live longer.

Drinking green tea is one of the healthiest ways to stay healthy

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how to lose weight fast without exercise






Replace those rice, paste, cereals, bread, yam, garri in your time table with meat, eggs, fish, beans, nuts etc.

According to shape.com, a researcher at the University of Illinois put different people on a traditional high carbohydrate diet, low-fat diet and moderate – protein diet. And at the end of four months, all the participants in each study lost the same amount of weight, but those who ate more protein lost 22 percent more fat, and gained more muscles, leaving them looking fit and trim.

      9.  CHORES

how to lose weight fast without exercise







If you really hate workout or going to the gym, then, doing chores is a great way to keep fit and trim. You are certain to get moderate workout intensity if you sweep and mop your house, tend your garden, clean your car, wash your clothes and cook your meals.

When you do lots of house chores, you won’t realize the amount of energy you have used or the number of calories you have burnt.

So do chores to help boost your mental well being and keep fit.

       10.  DANCING

how to lose weight fast without exercise







Dancing is a great exercise that can easily replace a daily workout. People who dance everyday or are dancers are naturally slim and fit. Dancing can be lots of fun for those who enjoy it. So you could be killing two birds with one stone; by dancing to have fun and to workout your whole body. It is one of the exercises that is exciting to do, with lots of benefit to your abs.

        11.  COFFEE

how to lose weight fast without exercise







 Is a dark colored liquid which contains different compounds and caffeine. Coffee has lots of important health benefits. Several studies recently conducted show that people who consume coffee on a daily basis have reduced  risk of diseases like Alzheimer, diabetes and they also tend to live longer.

In fact studies show that drinking coffee can aid in curbing your appetite, helping one to eat less and lose weight more easily.  Coffee also acts as a diuretic, allowing for water loss that causes a temporary reduction in weight as well.  For those who are getting in shape by working out, caffeine can serve as a powerful antioxidant that helps the body to recover from exercise. 


how to lose weight fast without exercise







A 2003 study in the Journal Nutrition found that women who ate three apples a day for three months lost more weight that those who were fed oat cookies for snacks.

So, eating apple every day to keeps the doctors away and prevent your waist line from expanding.


how to lose weight fast without exercise







Your brain needs time to process that you’ve had enough to eat.

Chewing your food thoroughly makes you eat less, which is associated with decreased food intake, increased fullness and smaller portion sizes.

How quickly you finish your meals may also affect your weight.

A recent review of 23 observational studies reported that faster eaters are more likely to gain weight than slower eaters

Fast eaters are also much more likely to be obese.

To get into the habit of eating more slowly, it may help to count how many times you chew each bite and aids digestion.


The above are best ways lose weight fast without exercise or diet


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