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Hello! I’m a microbiologist by education and a writer by profession. A web designer, well-crafted content maker, editor, wife, mom of three, books / movie’s addict, and a lover of nature’s most astounding beauties.


Is a passionate blog- teaching, sharing and educating about topics relating to self-care/improvement, wellness, relationship, parenting, lifestyle and entertainment? It will also serve as a guide for newbie bloggers. I believe as we live, grow and age, time itself fold experience into us; leaving an ever changing dynamics in our lives. And learning, teaching and sharing is the only way we can truly keep up with the changes. When we learn every day, we become stronger, wiser, and a better version of our most natural selves. Please feel free to connect and share with me. Do sign up for free using the subscription button below. You can also contact me via;

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