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Getting a woman to love you on the first date.

 Getting  your woman crush to fall in love with you on the first date.











  1. Keep your phones in your pocket. Playing with your phone on your first night out with your crush is a complete turn off. It portrays natural rudeness.
  2. Look her closely in the eye. When you look at someone closely in the eye, it clearly shows you are not only interested in the person talking, but what the person is saying. There is always a silent love connection in looking into a crush’s eyes.


  1. Really listen when she talks. Women know when you truly listen to them when they are talking. A woman easily falls in love with a man that really listen to her when she is talking. Mind you, we can sense it when you fake it!


  1. Let the talk be about her. Ask her about herself. What she likes. What she loves, her dreams and inspirations.


  1. Make her laugh. Do not be rigid and gloomy on your first night out. Be cheerful and entertaining, but don’t sound plastic and awkward.


  1. No bragging. Sometimes most guys do not know when they brag off. Don’t go on- an -on about how important you are and how much you have achieved. Try not to make it about yourself.


  1. Try to be honest. Don’t lie and create stories that happened in space just to impress. Be honest and calm.


  1. Ask before touching. Don’t try to hold her face, hands, intimate parts without her permission- like a dog in heat. It depicts a lack of sexual control and poor manners.


  1. Don’t nag-off about your Ex. Don’t tell her about your bitchy ex. Don’t go-on-and-on about your tasteless, unfair and crazy Ex. Trust me you aren’t making any point! You are just coming off as being disrespectful!


  1. Don’t sound desperate on your first date. Don’t talk about marriage and children on your first night out with your crush. You will make her jumpy and uncomfortable.

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